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Escaping Negative thoughts

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Stop running from those thoughts, the negative ones that keep resurfacing. The ones telling you that you are not enough, the ones telling you that you are not worthy. The ones that are holding you back by saying you are not capable. Just stop for a moment. Sit with them, watch them. Watch them come up and notice where they are felt. Remind yourself that these thoughts are not you and they just want to be seen and heard. Treat these thoughts as a needy child, crying for help. Give them love and compassion because the place they are coming from is a place of despair. A place of fear, where you once lived. A space where you were told you were not capable, not worthy or deserving. But you are no longer in that space, you are here and you are now. You are not defined by what you have experienced but rather what you take away from that experience. You are the master of your thoughts and you can choose to release these limiting beliefs, to love yourself, to forgive yourself and to move forward. Move forward with love and compassion, not only for your current self but your past self who those negative thoughts once defined.

You are now more aware, more conscious and more observant to thoughts. And when the negative ones do arise as they will, you will not fall victim to their beliefs but you will watch them come and go.

come back to love, come back to yourself, come back to forgiveness.

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