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This is a shared experience. It is Our Art of Being

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

We are all divine beings in a human experience

You can choose to see this as being children of God, the universe experiencing itself, a piece of the greater collective or whatever divine/spiritual idea that you resonate with. It's all the same

I define it as being a divine being in a human experience

As divine beings, I believe we all have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. Some will find that purpose and fulfill that destiny. And I believe others will have their experience choose their purpose for them. Neither right or wrong, it just depends how you decided to spent your time here. Personally, I believe I have found that purpose.

I created this space and community to connect and share wisdom. I believe it is my purpose to learn, share and heal. I am a light bringer like many others and this is how I believe I will bring light.

Wisdom is knowledge that has been applied through experience. It's what we have learned from our own unique experience and perspective. I believe we all have valuable wisdom to share here.

I am here not only to share my wisdom but also to learn from yours.

If what I write about resonates with you or inspires something in you then please share it. Share it anonymously, share it with me or share it in your own way.

I want to connect with this community and to help heal humanity with our wisdom.

We all have wisdom to share, even if you feel lost or uncertain within your purpose in life, you have something to share and to give.

We all have gifts to give.

We each have a unique experience that shapes our perspective of the worlds

A perspective that no one else has except for us. You can choose to tap into that unique outlook and use it to your advantage or mask it with the comparison. Or spending your time trying to be a clone of someone else. Only you know who you are so only you know what is true to you.

If you are unsure of your gifts or need guidance in finding that light and purpose within you then please reach out.

Let's chat, look within and find deeper purpose. Let's discover what your gifts are.

Much love,

Brie 🤍

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