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relationship cycles

Do you find yourself in yet another emotional wreck of a relationship? Questioning if there is something wrong with you or them? If so, I’m here to bring some clarity to you. If you have not realized by now any relationship you have is going to be work, love is work. Love can be difficult, we change, we evolve, we disagree but what makes love lasting is finding someone you want to make it work with. Someone whom you and them both want to build and grow together. And sometimes those relationships are not made to last, they are a small part of your journey and only meant to be help you become who you’re supposed to be. Some will grow apart, others grow together. Each love and each relationship we embark on is going to be different, each one showing us a different perspective and side to our own self. And if you aren’t recognizing this then you may be in what I call a loop. A loop is when we are repeating the same cycle or pattern in different relationships. We often find ourselves in a loop because it’s comfortable for our ego to keep us in the cycles that we know, even if those cycles are unhealthy and toxic. Our ego is familiar with them so it keeps us in those patterns. This is what makes it hard for us to remove ourselves from these kind of relationships. And even if we do remove ourself from the relationship we then end up finding ourselves in the same type of relationship with someone new, repeating the same cycle.

It’s your duty to acknowledge the situation you are in, the cycle, the pattern and remove yourself from it. Becoming aware is step one, step two is action and step three is sticking with that decision. It will be uncomfortable, unsettling and perhaps a bit painful. You will shed parts of yourself and possibly fall into a cocoon phase but after the hardship and the adjustments you will reemerge with a new perspective and new identity for who you are and what you value in your relationships.

I am a firm believer that we are in charge of our own suffering. We cannot always control the situation we are in but we can control how we respond to that situation and what action we take to change our circumstances. So take the time to reflect yourself, your relationship and your past relationships. Find the common denominator within yourself and the people you find yourself attracting. Discover the issue, and make the change. You are completely worthy of having a happy, loving and fulfilling relationship. But it will take time, work and discipline from both yourself and others. Much love, Brie 🤍

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