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what my solo travel has taught me

I’m falling in love with yet another place. Another community and another environment. I love the travel lifestyle, the experiencing of new people, places and ways of life. Each place I explore teaches me more and more about myself and my desires in life. I’ve noticed the more I explore and get out of my comfort zone, I naturally become more bold, outspoken and confident. This is something I have struggled with since I was a child. I was never one who wanted to be truly seen, my face would turn bright red when speaking in front of 3 or more people. I looked down when I walked and never spoke out unless I felt comfortable enough to do so which was typically only around people I was close with. But as I travel and explore new places and people, I find it easier to be my natural self and express her confidently. I believe the act of doing this that may have previously terrified me give me a sense of reassurance in myself and what I’m capable of. And once the big scary thing is done and over with, I think okay that wasn’t even a big deal, it was actually easy… I then ask myself what other big scary things have I previously been scared to accomplish or follow through with. The act of doing the things we fear creates momentum to continue growing. And as we grow in these experiences and within ourselves, we tap into new parts of ourselves. We begin to uncover aspects of our being that would otherwise stay untouched. You’d be surprised that once you do the daunting things and take the forbidden action that it’s not really difficult, it’s just the thought we attach to them that makes it so intimidating. 

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