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what do you value?

Discover your values. The question, "what is it that you desire?" can be a bit intimidating for some so if that's you, it's okay, you're not alone. If you’re struggling with deciding what you desire, start small and work your way up. What is it you desire from today, this week, month or year? Once you've decided on something you desire ask your self why. Do you desire love, a new job, compassion, purpose, healing, money, happiness? Whatever you choose just be sure it supports what you're looking to live in alignment with and doesn't come at a cost of intentionally harming others. If you desire material objects, thats completely fine but do it for yourself, with the right intention. Not so you can show off to your coworkers, family or social media followers. And just for the record most material desires are just that... material, physical, and they can be lost in a second. At your funeral people won't talk about the car you drove or what you posted online but rather who you were as a person and your impact on those around you. Ask yourself, "Once I have this desire will I feel fulfilled?" It's not to impress others or to be more attractive but to bring happiness and fulfillment into your own life. When in doubt ask why and be HONEST with yourself because the only person you're getting in the way of is you! If you still have no idea what you want or why, try giving yourself time and space to be alone to understand what it is that YOU find joy and purpose in or are passionate about. This way you can feel comfortable and confident in what it is you are looking for and lead to you attracting to yourself easier. This alone time can be found in small moments throughout your day even if you aren't necessarily alone. But rather when you're not on your phone, not experiencing any external noice stimuli to just you and your own thoughts and feelings. During this time focus on being the watcher of your thoughts, releasing judgements and just observing what is going on in that head of yours. We are not our thoughts, we are just experiencing them and the emotions we feel are simply a reaction to those thoughts. Having a better understanding of yourself and what you are searching for will help to bring alignment to different areas of your life. Over time you will see your values being reflected in every aspect of your being, resulting in reduced stress, anxiety and living a life you enjoy because what you value is the intention in each action and decision you make. so... what are you waiting for?

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