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Permission to express

Updated: May 3, 2023

In this space, I give myself permission to be raw, to be vulnerable and unhinged. I give myself permission to express, to fuck up and to feel. There is no perfection needing to be achieved here, there is no mask I need to wear, no persona I have to abide by. There is no box I'm fitting myself into or label I'm branding myself with. It's all just my beautiful bullshit, the pretty and not so pretty that comes with life. Here is where I drop my ego, let go of the need for approval and express deeply. In this space there are no expectations I hold myself to. My intentions are only to be open, honest and authentic, to share my light and my experience with you. I am here to be seen, to use my voice and my expression to help anyone I can. To make you feel heard, seen and not completely alone.

It is quite fucking scary but here we are, being called to express and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We’re leaning into the fear, learning to fly and listening to what just feels right.

Much love, Brie

Affirm - I am brilliant, I am safe, I have faith in the divine process of life, I am whole, I am worthy, I am guided, I am loved, I am Divine.

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