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Neuroplasticity and how Affirmations work to change your thought patterns

Neuroplasticity can be defined as the brains capacity to evolve and change through creating new neural connections from experience and repetition. When affirmations are used repetitively, we are creating new neural pathways due to the neuroplasticity of the brain. These new pathways can lead us to altering our beliefs, reducing anxiety, and changing the way we respond to our emotions, triggers and trauma.

Plasticity (adaptive plasticity) is a process in which neurons can change their connection and they way they work. This means our nervous system can be regulated or even dis-regulated though these neural networks and connections. And you are in complete control of whether these connections will have a positive or negative impact on your life.

When we continuously repeat, think and believe something then that is what our brain will believe is true. This can occur with positive or negative repetitive thought patterns. That is where affirmations or self talk come into play. Our brains networks to have reconditioned thoughts, this can be with both positive and negative thought patterns. Therefore if you are constantly down playing your self worth and abilities then the more negative you will see in both yourself and your experiences. The brain and body will believe whatever it is continuously told to be true. If you consciously affirm new healthy beliefs about yourself then you can create new thought patterns that are connected to what you are affirming.

If you are not familiar with affirmations then yes, they can be a bit cringe when first starting out. This is especially true for those who are accustomed to negative and belittling self talk,(even if it is in a humorous way). The way we speak to ourselves or about ourselves has a great impact on what we believe to be true about ourselves. When I was first told to try affirmations I did them once then quit because I thought they were just ridiculously absurd. I thought, "How is telling myself I am beautiful while standing in front of a mirror going to help me!?" As an anxious and insecure teen, it was foreign and felt wrong to be telling myself these things that I did not feel to be true. What I did not know, is that the discomfort I was experiencing was just the surface tension of creating new ways of thinking in both my mind and body.

Once you get past the initial discomfort, affirmations can most definitely change your life and it has been scientifically proven. Affirmations allow you to create new thought and behavior patterns through the brain's neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity requires pushing past a threshold, so in order to change behavior, thinking and how you perform, you have to push through that threshold of discomfort. With neuroplasticity we can rewire the way we response to triggers, traumas, add new behaviors or remove negative relationships to events or situations.

Where the mind goes, energy flows- our brains are constantly changing and evolving based on our surrounds and environment. By understanding neuroplasticiy and the power of our self talk then we can take responsibility of our relationship to our thoughts. What we practice grows stronger. If we are in a headspace of judgement, stress, insecurity and anger then that will only grow. But if we allow ourselves to let go and change our approach then we change our relationship with these thoughts and feelings. With repetition and the power of our nervous system, we have the ability to change our mind and our relationship to not only thoughts but also experiences.

Find affirmations that don’t make you cringe but strike a nerve with you. The more emotion you feel about what you’re saying the more power they have. You have to feel it, want it and believe it.

Affirmations will help you to find an inner peace and realize the power your words hold. If you can build thought processes that uplight and help you to acknowledge your own worth then you will have repetitive thoughts and beliefs around this idea. You are the only one experiencing YOUR life so why not create a view that you actually enjoy. The only person you’re hindering with your judgements and doubt is yourself.

Much love, Brie 🤍

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