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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Let's talk about manifesting. Manifesting has come to be known as this "surreal" way of attracting things into your life. But really, we have been manifesting our entire lives unconsciously. All of us have had a thought, or idea in our minds that we have then created into our physical reality. This could have been a job we were envisioning, a project or even a relationship that we attracted. Manifesting is part of our purpose as divine beings in this human experience. We have the ability to use our thoughts and energy to create our reality. When we manifest we are taking a thought (the un-manifested) and brining it into our reality (the manifested). What we think, we attract and what we believe to be true about yourselves and our life becomes true. Manifesting shows us the power of our thoughts and how they create our reality.

Before we can start manifesting what it is we desire we have to change our thoughts and approach to our thoughts. Instead of saying, "I do not have" or "I want" we have to rephrase them into, "I have" or "I am." We must affirm this to be true and know that we are capable of attracting what we desire. When affirming our manifestations we have to stay consistent with these phrases. Avoid dwelling on if or when the manifestation will come, any doubt will only prolong your process. In order to attract it, you have to believe it to already be true and take action towards the manifestation. Create habits that support your desire and attribute to its success. Manifesting is more than just saying and believing, we must be also act in a way that what we desire is already ours. Act as the person who already has what we are manifesting. What would the habits of this person be? What would their day to day look like? How would they spend their time and energy?

If you have been struggling with manifesting then there could be a limiting belief blocking you from attracting your desires. In order to successfully manifest you have have your heart, mind and energy fully invested into whatever it is you are looking to receive. You have to believe that what you are manifesting is already yours. That is why we use the terms, "I have, I am and I do." We have to have faith that no matter what the path looks like, what we are attracting will come to us in the right time. Everything happens in divine timing so don’t get too caught up in certain events happening or unfolding at certain times. It will all workout as it should, be open, keep faith and enjoy the journey. Hesitation will only delay manifestation. When we hesitate we are attracting more hesitation. We should rather lean into the hesitation, be confident and trust that it will all unfold as it should and what is meant for you will come to you.

"I have the power to create my reality. I can create whatever I commit to. I use my mind and body as tools instead of being controlled by them. I realize I have everything I need within me because I am the universe experiencing itself through one specific perspective. I have the power to shape that perspective to manifest whatever I want." - Rea Earth

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