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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Writing is one of the many creative outlets we can partake in and personally one of my favorites. Like all creative processes, writing allows us to transfer a thought or idea from the un-manifested into the manifested. From something unknown to something known. Personally, I have always enjoyed the process of taking thoughts and ideas in my mind and putting them into words on page. It's a creative act that can teach us a lot about ourselves and how we approach new ideas.

In the beginning of the writing process we are staring at a blank page, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where the wandering mind, pen and paper will take us. But it is our duty to fill the blank space in front of us. I like to approach life with this same mentality. When we approach a new phase in life or decide to create something, it can often feel scary and intimating. We tend to connect fear with the unknown. But the unknown is just like the blank page before we start writing. We have the power to create what we fill the page with and this should bring us excitement rather than fear. What lies ahead is in our control and at any point and time we can start new and change what is in front of us.

In this space of uncertainty lies room for creative expression and new ideas. For things that were previously unknown to come together to create something beautiful. This is where something that was once a thought or idea can be made into a masterpiece or whatever you choose to create.

In the creative process, as in life, we will be faced with trial and error, writing and erasing. We may have to course correct but regardless, everything we go through has a something we can learn from and take with us. What we take from our experience, we can use in creating our journey moving forward. There is so much beauty and space for creative expression in the unknown if we can just allow ourselves to see it in this way.

Much Love, Brie 🤍

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