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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

You know when you need to walk away. Whether it's leaving behind a person, place or job, I believe we all know deep down when it’s time to move on. Time to let go, time to start over, time to take your lessons and move on your way. You know it but you may not want to admit it. Maybe it’s because walking away means letting go. And in letting go comes change, uncertainty and discomfort. I mean, it is natural for us to want to avoid pain, right? None of us to endure pain.

The ego is our natural repellent for pain. It is there to protect us, to keep us “safe.” But the ego does not understand intuition, the higher Self or God. The ego only knows what it has been taught. It learns from your experiences. So when you experience pain, your ego will do what it can to help you avoid it. But sometimes the pain of life is necessary and the safe or comfortable option is not going to make you better or give you what it is you truly desire. The ego will always be there but we must create a greater understanding of when it is helping or hindering us.

So just for a moment, be vulnerable. Drop your ego, let the curtain fall, lift the veil and shed the layer. Surrender to the present moment, the present situation and listen to your divine knowing.

What are you holding on to anyway? And ask yourself if holding on is hurting you?

We choose to resist the knowing, we push it down and make excuses for it. We do whatever we can to avoid being hurt. but do yourself a favor and let go because you Know.

Much love, Brie🤍

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